SENZ 2021 Class 3 - Framed - Saturday 17th July 9:30 - 11:30 - Tutor Yolande Fenneman

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A double layout titled Family/Friends where you can show case your family or friends. This class uses some new chipboard elements from Zippy Laser designs designed especially for this class. Suitable for intermediate skill level.

Please bring the following to class.

Class bring list:

Basic kit - trimmer, blade knife, ruler, scissors, tape, glue, brown ink, black ink, blending tool or foam sponge, spatula (for spreading modelling paste), foam tape.


Framed please bring 1 photo 7" wide x 5" high and 3 photos 3"widex 4"high that can be cropped slightly and  2 photos 4"wide x3" high that can be cropped (all photos to be black and white)